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Hi and welcome to my page Nolver's Pretty Tags! Are you looking for African American tags, Christian tags, Blogger layouts or many more? You have come to the right place! I have created this page for the people who would like to add a little extra to their webpage. 
  I'm born and raised in Europe. I started to develop my love for Paint Shop Pro in late 2010. I saw all these magnificent designs on internet and I was immediately hooked on them so I was curious in what kind of program they created these beautiful tags, especially the animating ones. I found out that they were designed in Paint Shop Pro and right after my findings, I began to search for tutorials, in order to help me developing my skills for this program. And guess what? They have helped me a lot!
I love colours! You will notice that my page differ alot from time to time. Even though the layout is the same, I add some special effects to make it look different than the other one ;-). I put a lot of effort in all my work to make it look professional. Most of my tags are very feminine, but you will find some masculin ones as well sometimes ;-). 
Many tags which I share in public, are my own ideas and tags made by tutorials from others. The tags I use in the layouts are sometimes my own ideas or sometimes made with the help of a tutorial.
However, you won't find overly sensual tags with naked men or women, because I am a devoted Christian and I love the Lord with all my heart. Through the tags that I design, I want to glorify Him in a proper way. 
 I also make layouts which can be only used on Blogger.com. If you would like to use one of these layouts, go to Nolver's Theme Designs. All the details about how to install the theme and the css codes can be found there.
 I would like to hear from you by signing my guestbook. Visit my page regularly to see if there are more new uploaded tags! Thanks for using and have a nice day!