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Tuesday, 12 July 2016

Jeanette PSP is gone (website)

I'm shocked that her beautiful Psp website is gone! I always thought that at least her website will last for a very long time, even though others choose to cease writing tutorials or stop maintaining their website....but I was wrong.

I just found out that she has also deleted her website. I hoped it would be a glitch, but it's almost a week ago that I've found out her website is gone. It kinda makes me sad, but that is life. Nothing lasts forever...!

So many websites that existed in the early and late 2000's are going away...they had some marvellous tutorials. I kinda like nostalgic things and those tutorials remind me of great times....That's why I started the blog Old PSP Tutorials. I try to post as many old tutorials as I can.

This is a call to all tutorial writers with their own payed website: PLEASE transfer your tutorials to a website where you don't have to pay for, if you choose to remove your current website. Blogger is a very good alternative and many others. I hope you will listen ;-)

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